Privacy Policy

At FOREXREVIEW.TOP we understand that your privacy is important to you. We do collect information though like most sites you’ll visit. You should be aware that by visiting our site you agree to this Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclosures. Changes to any of these documents takes effect at the exact moment the changes are published. We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at anytime. Thank you.

Types of Information Collected

IP Address – An IP address is a string of numbers that corresponds to the geographical location of your computer and/or internet-enabled device. It also includes the date and time you access our site. This information is collected in order to help us make the site more helpful for our visitors.
Links – We track the link that brought you to our site. This information helps us track where our site is being promoted. This info helps us update the site so we can reach and help as many people as possible.
Basic Settings – We collect info on the basic settings of your computer so that we can optimize the loading of our site in your web browser.

Some Information Concerning Links

On our site there links that connect to other sites that are not owned or operated by us. Our mission at FOREXREVIEW.TOP is to connect you with the best FX broker for your needs. The links on our site conveniently connect you to these companies. When you visit these other sites they governed by that site’s Privacy Policy, not ours.

Some Information Concerning Cookies

Let’s first define what we mean by a “cookie.” A cookie is a very small text file that is placed in your web browser for the purpose of remembering where you’ve visited. They are also used to track advertisements. We use cookies for both of these reasons.

Other companies also use cookies on our site in order to track advertisements found on our site. We allow this because though we offer a free service to our visitors we have expenses involved in maintaining the site. We generate revenue from these ads in order to pay for hosting and other expenses. So, please take the time to read the privacy policies of the third party sites advertised herein.

Some Legal Information

If for some reason we are subpoenaed or otherwise ordered by a court of law we will divulge any and all information required by authorities. FOREXREVIEW.TOP respects the law and our rights afforded by the law.

Last Updated: 22/10/2019