Losing trades

How to Deal with Losing Trades the Right Way: 5 Best Practices from Successful Traders

Losing trades are inevitable in trading. No matter how good your strategy or analysis is, you will face some losses along the way. But how you handle those losses can make a big difference in your trading performance and psychology....

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Beware of Fintech Scams

Fintech Scams Exposed: How They Work and How to Prevent Them as a Forex Trader

As a forex trader, you may have heard of fintech, which stands for financial technology. What is FinTech? Fintech is an umbrella term that covers various innovations and applications that aim to improve and automate financial services. Some examples of...

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XM Review

How XM Protects Your Funds and Data with Top-Notch Security Measures

XM is one of the leading online brokers for trading forex and CFDs on various assets, such as stocks, indices, commodities, metals and energies. XM has been operating since 2009 and has over 5 million clients from 196 countries. XM...

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XM vs FBS Comparison

Trading Features Compared: An In-Depth Look at XM and FBS Brokers

XM and FBS are two well-known brokers that offer trading services to traders worldwide. Here's a comparison between the two brokers based on various factors: Regulations Regulation is an essential factor to consider when choosing a broker. It is a...

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